Project Basis

[ Project Basis ]

Working on a project basis refers to an employment or work arrangement where individuals or teams are hired to complete a specific project or set of tasks. Unlike hourly or salaried positions, where you are compensated based on time worked or a fixed annual salary, project-based work is centered around achieving specific project goals, and compensation is typically tied to the successful completion of the project. Here's a breakdown of how working on a project basis generally operates:


Project Scope

Before beginning work, there is a clear definition of the project's scope, objectives, timeline, and deliverables. This could be a one-time project or part of an ongoing series of projects.


Agreed Upon Terms

You and the client or employer agree on the terms of the project, including compensation, deadlines, and any other relevant details. This may involve negotiation to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.


Fixed Fee or Milestones

Compensation for project-based work is often provided as a fixed fee or based on milestones. In some cases, a portion of the fee may be paid upfront, with the remainder paid upon project completion or the achievement of specific milestones.


Project Ownership

You are responsible for completing the project within the agreed-upon scope, budget, and timeline. You may have a certain degree of autonomy in how you organize your work.


Project Completion

Once the project is finished and the deliverables are met to the client's satisfaction, you receive your payment. Depending on the terms, this could be a lump sum or several payments throughout the project's duration.


Client Relationships

In project-based work, maintaining a good relationship with clients is crucial, as it can lead to repeat business or referrals.

[ Pros of working on an Project basis ]

Clear Goals

Projects have well-defined objectives and timelines, making it easier to stay focused and motivated.


Potential for Higher Income

If you efficiently complete projects and have a good reputation, you may earn more than you would with a fixed salary.



Project-based work often involves diverse projects and clients, providing a range of experiences and opportunities.

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